Eternal Forest Sanctuary Experience, Bienal de Coruche

Eternal Forest Sanctuary Experience at the Bienal de Coruche

On the 29th of September Eternal Forest Sanctuary had its first visitors. Eternal Manifesto appeared as ephemeral art installation marking the walk and inviting reflection and contemplation.

Eternal Forest Manifesto, which was written during Summer 2019, was read for first time in the forest. This artistic intervention will be followed by many others and will evolve as the project goes on. 

Every Eternal Forest Sanctuary will be different in its artistic expression, relying on the site-specific elements of the place, local ecosystem and the dream which the land communicates. 

The intention is to design and create an Eternal Forest Sanctuary at Herdade dos Concelhos, Coruche, supported by the community and Municipality of Coruche for the present and the future generations of people, biodiversity and on-going artistic interventions. This process will involve consulting all the stakeholders over the next few month and creating a proposal for further artistic and ecological intervention.

September, 2019 

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