Good Wood

Good Wood, found sculpture, 2019

Good Wood is a found sculpture, part of Eternal Forest ongoing investigation and art project. The sculpture was found in Gerês on the 25th of April 2019, while driving in the mountains. The cut wood piled together in an arch, wet, bright orange under the changing blue-grey skies, gleaming in the rain. Every trunk of the tree was cut by a machine, yet, every cut is unique, bearing the trace of the process, time, speed, cracking, breaking.

The sculpture might be ephemeral, today it is here, tomorrow it might disappear. By claiming this pile of wood as an artwork, I draw your attention to the stealing beauty of acts which we pass by, which remain on the periphery of our vision.

Good Wood is not a coincidence, it is a landmark in a larger landscape, which opens in the eye of the viewer. The magnificent view of the valley below the Good Wood sculpture and the inner view of our psyche, the frozen time inside the Good Wood.

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