A Slice of Time Exhibition

A Curious Case of Time

For the exhibition ‘A Slice of Time’ Evgenia created an installation ‘A Curious Case of Time’. Inspired by the the antique 19th century book from 1823 ‘Contemplations of the State of Man in This Life, and that which is to come’ by Jeremy Taylor.

The book itself gives a philosophical and religious account about the temporality of human existence and provides an extensive account of all stages of miseries resulting from realisation of life’s impermanence and vision of the death and afterlife. The book contains beautiful and powerful writings about time’s passage, alluding to inevitability of death and finding comfort in the Christian idea of eternal life.

The first eight chapters of the book were disassembled and posted to audience members along with questions about Time, written by the artist. Then, after the chapters returned to the artist along with the answers to the questions - they formed part of the installation. New texts: questions and answers were overlaid with the original pages of the book, forming a kind of palimpsest so both texts can be read at the same time.

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