Paradise Air Residency

Paradise Air Residency, Matsudo, Japan

From 16 until 30 of May I will be working at Paradise Air Residency, Tokyo-Matsudo, exploring further subject of drawing, visual poetry, experimenting with traditional Japanese materials, the idea of book as a scroll and making a series of handmade unique books.

On the 30 of May at 7 pm Evgenia Emets will talk about her recent works, focused on exploring relationships between visual and sound poetry. She will briefly present her book, published at the end of 2016 ‘Do we have a common language?’ She will perform poetry from the book.

Evgenia will talk about new subject of her research, which she explored at Paradise Air during short stay residency: perceptions of time and ways to explore it artistically through drawing, sound, visual poetry, performance and installation work.  

Finally she would like to open a wider discussion about shifting understanding of culture, necessity to live and grow in communities and transition into decentralised mode of living.

Evgenia Emets

Address Paradise Air

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