KIMA Wheel at the Roundhouse Curtain Call

14 August 12-2 pm

Analema Group presents KIMA WHEEL

For six singers and audience

KIMA invites you to create a composition of sound and light collectively in an open circular space of the Curtain Call at the Roundhouse.

Sounds will form geometric representations, resulting in an ever changing array of visual explorations as a continuously moving, meditative experience.  This visual representation, developed jointly  by Paulo Ricca and Dario Villanueva Ablanedo, is interpreting sound analysis by Sean Soraghan on the Curtain Call, enhanced by original sound design created by Alain Renaud. These combined vocal expressions accumulate into a complex sonic and visual composition.

Analema Group will explore architecture and acoustics of the Curtain Call through an interactive multi-channel sound and video installation. Curtain Call is large scale immersive installation created by architect Ron Arad in the main space of the Roundhouse, inviting music and visual artists throughout August to interpret the 360-degree canvas through art and music.

Inspired by the space and original poetry, a vocal ensemble will create unique sonic worlds echoing different states of the mind. The idea of stage, of duality between performer and audience is dissolved as  performers play among  the audience, inviting them to step into these musical worlds.

Participants are invited to visually discover characteristics of the sounds they create. Using  immediate visual cues as a graphic score, the audience weaves its own music into the overall fabric of the performance. The performance will be based on a poem ‘Wheel’, written by Evgenia Emets especially for the occasion.

KIMA is performed on the 14th of August at  Curtain Call. Microphone stations are installed inside and outside of Curtain Call - to listen to voices, which affect the visual field one by one and all together, forming a complete image. Performers and audience will explore how their sounds and their silences contribute to the experience.

KIMA takes inspiration from self-organising systems and their creative potential. While audiences are creating and composing in real time, they experience sound, as visual image and movement as alternative communication tool. Kima reflects on the philosophical idea of interconnectedness and where every part of the whole is interdependent, nothing is ever isolated. Through sound and movement we evoke qualities of mutuality, ability to listen intentionally and to act with an understanding of reciprocity.

Performance by: Evgenia Emets, Nao Masuda, Rugilė Girdzijauskaitė, Ben Zucker, Mārtiņš Baumanis, Uran Apak and audience
Poem by Evgenia Emets
Vocal interpretation by Ben Zucker and Nao Masuda
Sound design Alain Renaud
Sound analysis by Sean Soraghan
Visual Development byDario Villanueva Ablanedo, Paulo Ricca
Production Oliver Gingrich
Project management Katerina Loschinina

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