Being Silence - a Residency at the Crypt Gallery

Crypt Gallery Residency 2 - 10 April 2016
Evgenia Emets

Times: Open daily 1-5pm, with the exception of 6 April when the gallery will close at 4pm
Address: The Crypt Gallery (St Pancras), Euston Rd, London NW1 2BA

The residency at the Crypt Gallery is a ten-day dedication to the silence. The objective is to make time for silent practice, reflection and capture what emerges in the moment. Connecting with the space and its properties, Evgenia works with the memory of the place; it’s aurality and architecture through sonic and visual poetry.

Silence cannot be explained but can be experienced. It is not space between sounds, or absence of sound. It is a quality of presence, an act of being in a particular way. Silence is active in itself and it takes a little time to hear it sound.

Evgenia will install existing work ‘Interrogated Silence’. This artwork is an invitation to consciously act out through sound and writing the invisible roots in our psyche, of trauma, doubt, and attachments, to voice them and to let go of them. Whether positive or negative, kept under during life, they will resurface when the time is right. It is an invitation to consciously bring them to the light of awareness. There is no analysis, no thinking, no talking done, witnessing and voicing. Audience are invited to partake in this on-going participatory project where anyone can decide to go through their own process.

The space becomes a setting for a series of spontaneous performances throughout the time of the residency, including an afternoon performance on Saturday, 9 April with Nao Masuda. Please follow the news on  

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