Experimental Densities Experience Ceremony

Encounter. Joy. Beauty. Conversation. Inspiration. Sound.

Breathing. Movement. Awareness. Intention. Space. Spontaneity.

Collaboration. Density. Crystallisation.

Please wear headphones for better sound

Experimental Densities Ceremony is a collaborative one from the very start. It starts with your Intention to participate. You will be invited for a conversation during which we will together identify an inspiration, colour, size, and the palette. We will co-create together with intention and spontaneity. 

The garment will be then created for you and prepared for the ceremony. 

On the day of the ceremony you will enter a moment in space and time - a special one, one beyond an ordinary. You will receive an offering of sound, colour, smell and touch - to open all of your senses. You will perceive a range of frequencies through your senses and will respond to them with your thoughts, emotions, body and spirit. 

Then, you will be ready to wear your coat for the first time. A blank canvas. Your chosen palette of colours will travel together with your intention and sound and will form patterns on the canvas. Then you will wear the coat as a seal and a memory of your experience. 

A ceremony takes about 3 hours in total.

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