Okean X Forms project, 2007

Okean X Forms (2007) marks the transition towards a series of experiments in spatial light installation as well as abstract visual language. By choosing the laser projection technology I intended to explore the basic geometric shapes and the variety of forms built through their use. 

The technology offers a viewer vast space for interaction with the artwork by direct experience, as well as the possibility for embodiment of the idea of multi-dimension vision that is being discovered through contemplation of the piece. The latter quality of the laser technology turns out to be particularly significant in working with the visual transformation of the flat geometry (i.e. circle) into the 3D objects (i.e. sphere), which produces a distinctive impact by using spatial light projection. 

Okean X Forms draws your attention to the beginning of creation – endless point, - from which Consciousness consistently builds a great variety of the worlds and life forms in them. The Universe is filled with creative energy expressed through form. Basic forms are the universal language to describe harmony of matter and spirit, visible and unseen, finite and eternal. Sacred geometry forms can be found in all ancient cultures being the heart of architecture, music, art, and philosophy. Life structures are perceived as sacred because contemplating them is equivalent to deep insight into and beyond phenomena. Studying the principles of constructions of these forms and their interaction with other forms brings an individual to understanding the essence of Nature, leads to the evolution of consciousness, the opening of inner integral vision and the experience of the Law of the Universe.

A spectator moves to the space with laser installation Okean X Forms and gets into a multidimensional space in which his consciousness undergoes deep transformation. All around in the dark one can see geometric universal forms developing from the same point one after another, like an invitation to a magnificent journey through the structures of the Cosmos. Laser slowly tracing shapes in combination with synthesised space sounds of electronic music creates the effect of presence in the moment.

The installation Okean X Forms was successfully presented at the festival Art Digital, Centre for contemporary art, M’ARS and PANDUS 2007, Festival of contemporary art, dedicated to disappearing monuments of culture, The House of Commune (both in 2007 in Moscow, Russia). The latter installation associated with the ideas of the architecture of Russian Constructivism, and the world avant-garde tradition, as it took place in the triangular geometric ramp of a historical 30-s building.

Okean X Forms was created at the turn of state-of-the-art technologies, visual art and contemporary electronic music, and is a fine example of several artists’ collaboration in creation of concept and its realization. Cooperative work of Eugenia Emets and Alexander Bondarenko, an artist-designer of Laser Show Systems, is in working out the visual form using an ideal for this occasion laser technology. Daniel Tomilov unites visual aspect with deep ambient music, making the projection pulsate with live breath.

The project was realized with the assistance and support of Laser Show Systems www.lasershowsystems.ru

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