KIMA - Music like you've never seen it before

Feel incredibly blessed and excited to be working with great team of people and leading Analema Group forward into the exploration of collaborative practice. Our current project is driven by curiosity about the relationship between music and form, sound and light, audible frequency and color. We are fascinated by the connections we can build through art between the invisible and highly abstract world of music and visible world, the ever-changing pattern within and around us.

This art quest goes hand in hand with my research in sound, color and light therapy. My passion is reconnecting the links which have been broken or dismissed, creating a holistic space for experiencing oneself through and beyond senses. My practice is focused on developing sensitivity to color with eyes open and closed, to sound with ears directed inwards and listening with the whole body, to light with antennas tuned to the phenomena beyond visible light.

Follow KIMA project on Analema Group web site and my Sound/Color/Light Therapy work on SoundIsYou.

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