Pushkin House Dialects Four: HOME-MADE

Please come to see the show Pushkin House presents Dialects Four: HOME-MADE.

Ten Russian female artists invite you for a Centenary Celebration of International Women's Day! The evening of 8th of March starts at 6 pm. Do not miss my sound act at 6.30 pm!

Join us for our exhibition opening and we will treat you to some Magnificent housekeeping: cooking, cleaning, painting, performances, installations and other rituals.

Anna Jouli
Ariadne Adendt
Elena Gavrisch
Kira Zhigalina
Anna Gartsunova
Maria Kapajeva
Miss Rita Zam
Svetlana Bobrakova
Yelena Popova
Eugenia Emets
Alina Dolgin

Exhibition open 9-31 March, 4-7pm Monday-Friday

For the fourth time Pushkin House is pleased to host Dialects, a project that began in 2008, as a platform for emerging artists from a Russian background to showcase their work in London.

In HOME-MADE the artists consider the HOME both as a physical space and as a psychological construct. It is a space of one’s own, whether imaginary or real, where one can dwell within and find an internal balance and feeling of completeness. In this metaphysical space reality and fantasy blur, personal myths are told and in the vein of an old fairytale objects become animated and play in a ‘home-made’ drama.

Through painting, photography, installation and performance the exhibition thus showcases works that explore female subjectivity, where identity is subject to modification and ritualistic renewal so characteristic to nature and life itself.

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