Towards a Quiet Centre

This new series of work comes directly out of my sound practice.

breath movement breath sound breath movement breath sound breath movement breath sound = This is my circle now

Repeating exactly like this

In between breaths of one continuous sound emerges movement, which sometimes manifests as simple body movement, sometimes as form in material. Each form is manifested from intention and sound, a mother and father principle.

There is manifestation though precision. There is manifestation though calculation. There is manifestation though effort. There is manifestation through pressure.
There is manifestation through vibration with less action.

This is the way I breathe now.

In my dreams I mostly observe, because most of the time I am not aware, I can only remember and recall when I come from the dream reality into the reality of the Dreamworld. Here I can act as connector. Not really to act out a dream, I don’t think it is possible, but manifest dream-action.

Eugenia Emets, March 2011

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