Echo of Now at ULTRA show in 2010

'The Echo of Now' series exhibited at ULTRA, from 20 September until 2 October.

Group Exhibition 'ULTRA’ by Luisa Agliatta, Bálint Bolygó, Philip Chudy, Eugenia Emets, Ray Massey, Rob Matheson, Moira Metcalfe, Damir Muratov, Carien Otto, James Stroud and Nitin Vadukul.

The group exhibition ‘Ultra’ is the result of collaboration between artists well-established in the artistic community both nationally and internationally. They are represented in various museums of modern and contemporary art as well as private collections in the USA, the UK, Russia and Europe. Their backgrounds include paintings, drawings, etchings, filmmaking, photography, collages, sculptures and installation works.

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'Ultra' is curated by Vera Dearman of Veracity Arts.

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