‘108’ is a project realised in 2006 as a solo exhibition.

One of the key themes explored in project 108 is the idea of interaction between levels of consciousness.  The structure of project 108 enables the viewer to «switch in» the multi-dimensional vision. Photographs are the imprints of the coordinates of the spatiotemporal field. By moving through them we can identify ourselves with these visions and through them experience multiplicity of forms. The intuitive approach of organising the structures of the images echoes the idea of being in a transitory state. The interpenetrating images, like projections of consciousness hovering in space, are only relatively stable, or static, only to the extent of the state of the viewer at the moment of contemplation.

The use of the particular printing techniques, technologies and methods is dictated by the neccessity to adequately translate an idea in the material. The technology and the material are not dominating in this process, they are visualisation means creating a pretext for blending the abstract and the concrete into a single view, both concentrating and relaxing the eye.

Catalogue ‘108’ with text by Adele Di Ruocco.

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