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Manta Ray (2008)

Darkness is an invisible tangible structure containing all potentialities. Whatever the creative mind is able to animate from the raw matter is being constantly projected onto the screen of consciousness, shaping a reality. In the moments of spontaneous and deliberate practice the light manifests itself through a form. Spread by electromagnetic vibrations it finds its way in a unique pattern running on multiple interactive tracks. Darkness is a necessary condition for opening inner vision.

Manta Ray project has been developed on different levels, discovering the possibilities of transforming our perception of space: physical, mental and spiritual. It is concerned with the relationship between architecture and energy. Being inspired by the geometric form of ‘Vesica Piscis’, that is created within two intersecting spheres/circles I have considered it’s aesthetic qualities, the uniqueness of its geometry, long-running iconography in traditional art, as well as its symbolic meanings in relation with the feminine principle (the form of womb), the organ of vision (the form of eye), and sound (the form of mouth and waveform of sound frequencies). The form is also the space where Spirit and Matter are united and balanced, - where pure energy becomes form. 

The use of the Musion Eyliner technology, designed to create a holographic effect (a realistic ‘illusion’ of an object free floating in space), allowed an adequate 3D visualisation of a form appearing in space. At the same time certain visual constraints has pushed the project to the limits beyond which the use of this particular projection system starts questioning its own authority and fidelity to the rules, and becomes a challenging field for experimental visual feedback. 

Usually the engagement of the viewer is reduced to the observation of the object from outside; my idea was to submerge the viewer into the process of creation. This goes back to the idea of the illusiveness of the separation from the Source of Light, which is integral part of the practice of non-dual vision in philosophical context. It raises the question of the relationship between the light emitter, the light projection and the light receptor.

Using the idea of a light drawing, and integrating it with the principle of fractal growth, a single camera movement has been transforming the line into the sculptural light, shaping the light body, emerging as we are constantly changing our position within the virtual space of the animation. Shifting the view point in relation to the object has created an opportunity to experience the shift in perception of being inside/outside the system. The choreography of the movement strictly follows the geometry of the form navigating between the reference points of the lightscape.

The project was born and has developed through interaction. The initial impulse was to open up a space in which collaboration would become possible, allowing balancing between freedom and control of the creative process. The idea of visualising a form through vibration has brought about the concept of geometric sound, which has lead to experimentations with recordings of the vibrations of the human body and of the actual space where installation takes place. Being synchronised conceptually and audibly with the movement and the transformations the sound breathes life into form, allowing a non-linear perception of the space. 

Eugenia Emets
Installation: 3D animation, multichannel diffusion sound

In collaboration with Perseus Mandillo (3D artist) and Barbara Lambert (Sound artist)
With support of Musion Systems

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