Say My Name and I Will Tell You My Story

“When we learn to listen to plants without the need to hear them speak, a language that we have forgotten emerges... This language belongs to plants, and so do the stories...”                                      – Monica Gagliano

The art project ‘SAY MY NAME AND I WILL TELL YOU MY STORY’ explores memories, narratives and stories of Eucalyptus trees, from their indigenous wisdom and meanings, to their use in contemporary Western society. This collaborative project between curator Inês Valle and artist Evgenia Emets, opens with an art installation at Espaço Espelho d'Água in Belém, Lisbon. A rich education programme invites audiences to a series of online conversations. 


The CERA PROJECT, presents newly commissioned work by artist Evgenia Emets, curated by Inês Valle, inspired by research in trees and forests. Evgenia Emets explores the link between nature’s biodiversity and human language and culture, narratives around colonisation and decolonisation of nature. This work is rooted in the relationship the artist has developed with the Eucalyptus family during her life in Portugal.  

Exhibition Opening | 22 Oct. 5 to 7pm 


Online Conversations



29 October 

‘Plant intelligence and plant communication’ with Monica Gagliano and Sarah Abbott. 

A hot topic in recent science, changing and challenging the ways we look at plants, offering inspiration and tapping into ancient knowledge verified through modern scientific research. A special edition of Eternal Forest Conversations. 

3 November

‘Eucalyptus: Indigenous knowledge’ with Dr. Philip Clarke. 

The Eucalyptus tree has been an integral part of Indigenous culture in Australia, in medicines, food, art, everyday objects, as well as being considered a sacred tree in many tribes. How can we look at the Eucalyptus tree differently in Europe, inspired by the Indigenous wisdom and stories? 


5 November, 17h-19h 

‘The intangible heritage of forests’ with Ana Monsalve Cuartas and Ana Aguas. 

Since the dawn of agriculture we have started looking at forests from a purely utilitarian perspective. What are we missing and how is the value of forests more important than ever for our society?  

Artist / Artista

Evgenia Emets​

Curated / Curadoria

In​ês Valle

Venue / Local

Espaço Espelho D'Água 

Belém, Portugal


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