Art of Shading the Sun 2021

Film, 1'40

Photography prints, 100x53 cm, limited edition

Installation based on the film in Portuguese and English, 10 and 14 min video loop


Originally commissioned by Ci.CLO Plataforma de Fotografia in Portugal, Art of Shading the Sun project, is a reflection on the community and the landscape and how these interact in space and within time. The video is a poetic narration from the perspective of the land, in 2121, a story of the possible future. The photographs and video reflect on the centuries of human presence and the current efforts of the community of Mertola to help restore social and ecological balance in this area.


From extractivist practices deeply rooted in our society to the regenerative approaches - through syntropic agriculture, reforestation, local food production, education rooted in active participation, and the engagement of the whole community into the process. 



Full Film: (Portuguese)

Installation poetry and landscapes - in English - in Portuguese


Exhibited in Porto, Bienal 21 Fotografia do Porto, and the Municipalities of Évora, Figueira da Foz, Loulé, Mértola and with EDIA in Portugal, Fotofestiwal Łódź 2021 in Poland during 2021-2022.


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