I plant the word

Exhibition, Galeria Diferença, Lisbon

27 April - 27 May 2023

The exhibition 'I plant the word' by Evgenia Emets 27 April - 27 May, at Gallery Diferença, presents works from the Eternal Forest project that the artist has been developing since 2018 until now. The exhibition includes works from the 2018 cycle of Eternal Forest, and the book published in 2022 (after the exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon). 

Her primary tools - poetry and calligraphy - are combined into visual works that convey the voices of nature beings and the issues we face as humanity.

Evgenia is an artist working to reconcile, heal and deepen the human relationship with nature through artistic nature walks, visual works, and ecological interventions. She has been working on the 'Eternal Forest' project since moving to Portugal in 2017. After witnessing the consequences of the fires, she decided to start working with forests and communities to understand the roots of the deforestation issue in Portugal and later in the world, and find ways to contribute to regeneration through art and culture. 

Since then, through poetry, stories, visual works and films, Evgenia has been working to raise awareness about the tangible and intangible values of natural biodiverse forests. From this work came a vision for the creation of 1000 'Eternal Forest' sanctuaries around the world that, through art, support and protect biodiversity and connect the forest to local communities.

Address: Galeria Diferença at the address Rua São Filipe Neri 42 Cave, 1250-227, Lisbon

In My Voice

Artist in Residence, House of Kin, 2022-2023

Art project opening a conversation with Eucalyptus tree 

You are invited to the exhibition and experience In My Voice, a collection of artworks and a reception by Eucalyptus tree. 

The ongoing series of visual works ‘In My Voice’, some of which were originally created and presented for the project Say My Name and I Will Tell You My Story, developed with the curation of Ines Valle, the Cera Project, in 2020. 

The artworks connect to the spirit and essence of the Eucalyptus tree, expressed through botanical prints on fabric and ink prints on paper with Eucalyptus bark and leaves. 


The inspiration for these artworks is the tree’s own way of being - its relationship with water, fire and the ecosystem. I observe how the bark peels off the trunks, how it falls down under gravity, how it hangs reaching towards the earth. I notice the cycles of the falling leaves and peeling bark are in tune with the cycles of tannins between the tree and the soil. 

Through these artworks, I feel, the tree expresses itself creating a symbolic narrative with the themes of healing through moving fire and water, its power to transform, the relationship between the dreaming world, the myth and its meaning in ecological consciousness. 

Rua Santa Catarina, 34, 2 andar, Lisbon, By appointment only, contact