Arvore do Mundo, 2021

Árvore do Mundo / World Tree is a collaborative co-creative art piece, to which everyone contributes. A community and the artist choose a tree, which will be adorned with messages we receive during Forest Time meditation (going into the space of a 1000-year-old forest in the future and coming back with a message from the forest). 

The participatory performance brings us into a circle. During the course of this experience, everyone’s attention is drawn to the tree being the focal point of the art experience and the centre of the forest, trees and land as sentient beings. I invoke the tree to speak to each and every one of us and to perceive our messages towards her. 

This experience is aimed at bringing awareness to our being with the forest, and opening a perspective of the sentience of all living beings. The World Tree stays adorned with everyone’s messages written on fabric or recycled paper or other material.

This art experience can be done as a standalone participatory experience or as a ceremony before the actual planting of trees like it was done during the Primal Gathering in Portugal in 2021 when 1000 trees were planted over 3 days and World Tree installation was created during 2 hours alongside the ceremony of the opening of the festival. 

Primal Gathering, 2021

It can also be created over the period of a festival during a day or several days where people passing by or living in the proximity of that tree come up and leave their messages, like in the project commissioned by the Bienal de Coruche in Portugal in 2021. 

Árvore do Mundo / World Tree at Bienal de Coruche, Portugal
The installation/performance invites the audience to experience a moment of contemplation sitting under the tree on a small bench, observing their relationship with the tree, the landscape and the river and allowing the message to emerge spontaneously.

The artist stays all day with the tree guiding people during the performance during the opening of the Bienal de Coruche on the 18th of September 2021. 

The tree will stay adorned with people’s messages as long as the papers will stay on the tree or/and can be removed at the end of the Bienal.

The ink made from charcoal is quite durable but can / will ultimately disappear under the action of elements with time. The paper used has been donated by the local print shop from the offcuts of the production. 

The artwork aims to gather the community around a simple collaborative action of expressing love and gratitude towards this particular tree and symbolically - to all trees and forests for sustaining and supporting life on planet Earth and in our community. It invites the participants to contemplate the meaning and the importance of the presence of trees in cities and villages and appreciate their time scale, their beauty, and their meaning to the community.

Bienal de Coruche, 2021 

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