Eternal Forest Manifesto artist's book

Eternal Forest Manifesto is a handmade book with poetry in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Russian, and is part of the Eternal Forest Sanctuary project commissioned by the Bienal de Coruche in 2019. It contains printed poetry and handwritten calligraphic works, inspired by the poetry on the subject of forest time, the language of the forest, ecological thinking and cultural memory of nature. 

The artist’s book also contains a printed copy of the original Eternal Forest poetry Manifesto in English and Portuguese. The photographs of cork oak trees which have been debarked, with the numbers of years of the harvesting of cork written on them, are used to signify various chapters of the book. 

The book is part of a site-specific project and contains texts, invitation to the community of Coruche, to enter the circle of guardians of Eternal Forest Sanctuary in Coruche - a sanctuary for biodiversity, humans and art at Herdade dos Concelhos. It also comes with Eternal Forest Sanctuary Map - the map of Eternal Forest Experience, the performance developed specifically as part of design of Eternal Forest Sanctuary on this land. 

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