Manta Ray

Manta Ray. Installation. Holographic screen, 3D video animation, multichannel diffusion sound. Dimensions Variable. 2008

‘Manta Ray’ project is concerned with the transformation of our perception of space: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Being inspired by the geometric form of ‘Vesica Piscis’, created within two intersecting spheres, the project reflects on both the aesthetic quality of the form and long-running iconography in traditional art. It evokes its symbolic meanings in relation to the feminine principle - the form of womb, the organ of vision - the form of eye, and sound - the form of mouth and the waveform of sound.

The use of the Pepper’s Ghost technology is designed to create a holographic effect - a realistic ‘illusion’ of an object free floating in space. Using the idea of a light drawing, and integrating it with the principle of fractal growth, a single camera movement transforms the line into the sculptural light, emerging as we constantly change our position within the virtual space.

The idea of visualising form through vibration has brought about the concept of geometric sound, which was realised through recordings of the vibrations of the human body and of the physical space where installation took place. Being synchronised conceptually and audibly with the movement, the sound breathes life into form, multiply symbolic and sensory narratives.

Evgenia Emets
Installation: 3D animation, multichannel diffusion sound

In collaboration with Perseus Mandillo (3D artist) and Barbara Lambert (Sound artist)

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