'Time Pressure' from the exhibition A Slice of Time

The series of prints 'Time Pressure' was developed during the art residency at By Other Means Gallery in London. Working with the concept of transforming a single English word 'Time' into a sign, or glyph, which still holds the traces of the language and the meaning of the written word, through calligraphy practice.

Calligraphic works were then traced and served basis for the cutouts, negative and positive from which embossed and de-bossed images on white and black paper were created. The whole process is done by hand, as this time-based work plays with the notion of physical time pressure in our society and enjoyment of taking time as a subject of artistic investigation and physically press the words into a material.

The series consists of series of four prints, each edition of 5 + 2AP.

Installation View

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