Equinox, a day in Time

By Other Means and Evgenia Emets invite you to an event at the start of Evgenia's residency, one of points in the year's cycle and astronomical calendar - Equinox celebration. 

We will reflect together on the ever present dynamics and balance of the opposites, on the day in time when the light and the dark are in equilibrium. We will try to imagine what this celebration would have meant for ancient people and what it means for us today. 

Our experience of Time on Planet Earth is constantly changing, altered by our culture's continuous technological advancements, social challenges and shifting perception of ourselves as humanity. Evgenia explores experience and perception of time, creating work, inspired by modern science, ancient philosophy, time-reckoning systems and language. On the 22nd of September she invites audience to become part of this exploration and to share a moment of time out of Time.

During her residency in the studio Evgenia will explore perceptions of Time through language, visual and sound poetry, performance works. She will focus on researching Time and its understanding in our culture, as part of wider artistic research and practice, a series Time Wave, which takes her around the world exploring traditional and modern cultures and will complete in a publication of a book in 2020.
Please note: this event is free to attend. 

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