Paradise Air Residency: Time Wave research

At Paradise Air I have asked people to write down how they feel about Time, how they understand it and how they relate to it. As part of my research for new project Time Wave below are a few images with translation of what people have shared.

Time changes with mind, so it can be stretched. When your memory of texture of time smell some thing. (written in Japanese)

When we talk about time, it is like talking about distance. When you don't spend time with someone, you can feel the distance from this person. And you need some time to feel the distance. (written in Japanese and Korean)

For every person time is like a continuous long street and we cannot switch it in the middle or skip the path. It could be inconvenient or painful when you look at the path you walked - it looks windy and thus it is beautiful. (written in Japanese)

Time goes one way and it is like a wave and wave must become tide. (written in Japanese)

Time would be lasting forever but I am not sure forever exists. I need more time, but my life is limited. Thank you for sharing mysterious time with me! (written in Japanese)

Time Everything has connection with time but only humans know it is ticking. But I think if you accept the time the way animals or plants feel it will bring you happiness. (written in Japanese)

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