Shiro Oni Residency Sound Sculptures

At Shiro Oni I have envisaged to create a series of sound sculptures, connected with the natural environment of Onishi. Thinking about dualities I have chosen white and black local clays. I decided to try and form the works directly on the rocks, so that the sculptures hold the memory of the structure of the rock, the imprint of the surface. Together these sound sculptures create atonal sound scape which can be recreated every time like any song in nature, easily and organically emerge in the moment.

Rock picked up by the river Kanagawa at Onishi, Shiro Oni Studio, 2017

First experiments with clay, Shiro Oni Studio, 2017

Process of creation of Sound Sculptures, forming wet clay directly on rocks, Shiro Oni Studio, 2017

Stone Sculpture complete, Shiro Oni Studio, 2017

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