Being Silence residency complete

I have spent time... I have been underneath the level of the ground for ten days, a quiet place of rest, a place in time. I have been living in a space which taught me time is now, time is anything, time is nothing.

New works have emerged, which will take time to fully embody in the finished pieces and spaces. They will go beyond the walls of the Crypt Gallery, however they will carry the original thought process initiated there and then.

Form of Forms, Installation, Ink on fabric, 2016

Form of Forms, Installation, Chalk on plastic, 2016

Form of Forms is a pattern poem and a sound performance. It is geometrically arranged to be read around the lines of the 3 dimensional cube. It can be performed any way one feels like at any moment. Based on affirmation and negation, it is a play of creation and dissolution of meanings. 

Hack Eternal Return - Unprocess Other Self - One Livetime Only, Installation, Ink on paper, 2016

A Game, Installation, Ink on paper, stones, 2016

Ashes do not come back to firewood, Installation, Ink on paper, 2016
(based on Dogen saying)

Now is Time, Installation, Ink on paper, 2016

Around Time, Installation, Ink on fabric, 2016

Around Time, Fragment, 2016

Around Time is a circular poem, which can be read as mantra around and around:

Mind Matter, Installation, Ink on stone, 2016

Mind Matter piece is created on both sides of a slate stone found during a silent retreat in Wales, next to old slate mines. It deals with the idea of duality between mind and matter and overcomes this duality through play of words and languages (Russian and English). The object itself is a graphic score for the performance and is usually installed in a gallery space suspended when not in action. Listen to the recording of the performance:

Light becomes wood becomes light, Installation, Ink on chopsticks, 2016

Deceptive Entrance, Entrancing Exit, Installation, Chalk on plastic, 2016

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