Experimental Densities

You are a canvas
We feel your resistance & your desire
Your movement
Your spontaneity
Your whim
Your colours
Your swing
Your percussion

Who if not you?
We have been waiting
Who is the creator of the present?
Who will define beauty?
Who shall mix the palette?

How do we celebrate you?
We want your nature to emerge.
How gentle? How exhilarating?
How wild are you?
How do you dance your dream?

Why NOW is all you are?
We hear your name echo.
Why wear old skin when you are new?
Why does beauty sleep so deep ?
Why not awaken her?

Photo by Andrew Kan 2014

You will look like a musical score yet to be deciphered

You will flow like a thousand streams meandering through the landscape

You will move like a painting in motion

You will want to explore what is next

Yes, it will come in black

Photo by Andrew Kan 2014

Encounter. Joy. Beauty. Conversation. Inspiration. Sound.

Breathing. Movement. Awareness. Intention. Space. Spontaneity.

Collaboration. Density. Crystallisation.

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