Europe. Series of 6 prints on wood. 200x200 cm. Edition of 3. 2005

Europe is a space full of mythic characters. It is a myth itself, with its diverse, interlaced history, with its culture rich in extraneous features. It has come through truly symbolic and inexplicable downfalls and has risen again from its own roots. Both innocent and crafty in its dark passion for conservatism and its sincere hostility for ignorance, it is fighting desperately against every attempt to be deprived of its crown. 

Europe is constantly changing its masks, but it is still true to itself in its queer affection for combining the same ingredients in different ways and proportions. Ages ago it burned its witches, forgot about its barbarity and buried its heroes. Passing though the time trapped in its fairy tales and holding sway over it, it is still savage.  

Each piece from “Europe” is a self-portrait, where lie hidden mythological characters of various cultures and regions of Europe. The authors view on the European history is expressed in the self-identification with this mythological organism.  

The project “Europe” is not a geographical atlas, but a map of dreams, uncovering itself before spectators. This is not a chronological chart of historical events, but several time dimensions, where a spectator can move unrestrictedly. 

Have a look at each work – it may be a part of Europe; each of them is the vision of a generation aesthetics. There are no direct indications or quotations; there are only some hints. There are no captions at the bottom of the photos in order not to limit a spectator in studying symbols and allusions on his own. One may see here a region, a country, a capital or a cultural layer. 

ARCO, Madrid, Stella Art Foundation, 2005

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