Being beyond time?

Is it possible at all be beyond the times that our physical existence is embedded within? Is it possible to overcome «con-temporary» conditioning?

We very often complain about the times we live in, about the limitations and pressures imposed on us by the society. We argue that we are the product of our time. It's hard to be otherwise, isn't it? Because it is easier not to take responsibility, it is easier to be comfortably embraced by beliefs and structures rather than rip them apart, and stay exposed to the direct light of the cold eternal shining where every step is the step into the unknown.

I started writing this because of someone's post that resonated with me: «It is sad to be an artist in the world of Degeneration”. (I guess as opposed to Renaissance).  It really is not just sad but also not easy. When you start - you are alone and there are no reference points or guidelines outside you, when you finish you are still alone, and there are maybe some reference points. But if there are no reference points inside you, this is all lost forever. So the only true way to be with the time, in the present tense, - is to look for these reference points inside the timeless zone, where local time is of less importance or insignificant at all.

If we unconsciously attach ourselves to the time we are living in we are lost. It will devour us, leaving no trace of our precious existence.  We do not choose time to be born (though this can be argued, because we might just not remember this choice). I am not suggesting dis-attaching from present reality, but rather allowing yourself to take control of it, through surrender to the perspective living beyond time. Only then the present can be consciously integrated into the work you do on an entirely different level.

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