The paradox of i and I

The paradox of i and I

Its all about me
I see 
I hear
I touch 
I sense
I experience
I think
I believe
I feel

Enough to build a multi-sensational universe . Trust the senses and the pain will be as real as the shadow behind the sun.
Intensified by the emotions, energetic patterns get stronger embedded into the psyche and slowly integrate to manifest on the level that the i considers to be real tangible universe.

Externalizing experience is a necessary part of keeping the sense of i from disappearing.
It works together with separating the i from the rest of what is .
But the separation goes further to trigger preference of choice for experience.
As if there is choice. There is only a seeming one. The choice of experience is imitated through creating a variety of options which all serve a massive diversion away from  the actual experience of meeting the I. 
In certain experiences there is a mirror held up in front of the i and there is no choice but to acknowledge what there is. 

I disappear
I deconstruct
I dissolve
I die
I do not exist

All the multiple i's cease as the energy granted to support their existence is drawn away from them and collapses into singular being. And then the hollowness of being that transmits, channels, records the experience, assumes the path that opens up as ultimate revelation. Without distraction, totally balanced and grounded, sky and earth in mutual agreement and nurturing, give birth to a completely new perspective  where an I returning from the destabilized, deformed and demolished grounds now empowered and truly alive looks and finally sees, listens and finally hears, touches and finally feels, experiences and knows without doubt at the very core of omnipresence. 

Its your mission to bring end to the battle of all the i's fighting for the place in the field. One way is to integrate disjointed i's into a holistic experience, another way is to disintegrate i until anything emerges from no-thing.  The first way holds quite a predictable result, the second one is pregnant with infinite unknown. Both coexist in human potential and lead to the same experience through different methods. In fact there is not even battle. 


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