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A meditation on the origins of Ancestry in Spirit

Removed from the roots, scattered around the Earth, colliding, clashing, meaninglessly intersecting with each other – lost among incoherent motion, unaware of our common and the only source, we strive to survive, not really living any longer, but simply being taken around by environmental, social and political disasterous winds, like dust, like refuse, - the refugees of Spirit. Alone, separated from each other, strangers at Home.

If we remembered how is it to be in unity, super-connected, super-related, super-aware about your true nature and immense power, we would drop all our im-po®te(a)nt activity and stop to tap right into this space inside. Right here in the ribcage there is hidden treasure lying dormant, the only jewel worth keeping and cherishing. It refracts any light that comes through it so that the light is magnified, increased, empowered. It also breaks anything apart – anything dissolves. Let it speak and be silent yourself.

The Mother and the Father meet and reside here – in total bliss and unity. In here there is no separation, no chaos, no pain of loneliness.

I am an interference pattern, an intersection of all that is - sky and earth currents, the fine axis of recurrent continuation of time piercing my spine, connector of all that was through all that is and to all that will be. I was the sperm and the egg, I was the sky and the rock, I was the moon and the sun and I still am.

When you are healing yourself
You are filling with bliss
Super connectivity
Super awareness
Super love
Super intimacy
Super compassion
Do not stop!
Go deeper
Feel this axis
It connects all the multiple you
Live through the love of your conception
Through the love of your Mother and Father
Live through your conscious choice of birth and family
Cycle wider –
Circle to your ancestors
Grand Parents
Spiral to your both lines and the branches of lines
Include communities
With their environment
Embrace nations and peoples
Big and small
Transcend fear
Transcend pain
Transcend suffering
Focus of unity
Focus on love
Focus on the axis within you
Within your human body
Connect them so
That they become connected at the source
Through that source
With my lines
My axis is your axis
My ancestry is your ancestry
In Spirit

Once Jill Purce said in her workshop that the main thing about Feng Shui tradition is Ancestral recognition, respect and appreciation. I now understand why. Western world has taught us to break away from communities and families, be in-dependent, be free from this bonds, forget the roots. It contradicts Nature itself, the living Nature around us as well as the Nature of the Mind. Coherent living can only be inter-dependent, inter-responsible, inter-relying.


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