The Echo of Now series

When you know you arrived, there is no longing.
You recognise the space of intersection: colourful, whole, abundant, blissful and ceaseless.
This is now. 
Now is you.
You are the eye projecting back to the source every frozen instant of radiant structure seen by innumerable eyes.
You are the seed traveling through the dark matter in a never repeating itself pattern.
You are the womb of the wonderland, the abyss for those who dare to dive. 
For only all can supply the whole vision at the birth of the light.
The space is an immaculate liquid ready to take any form.
Any form is conceived within it.
It is the great unexplored that you initiate with the breath of the sound.
It is the space of the heart where the transcendental revolution takes place.
Laying the beat on the map of the mind scape, you are bringing into existence energy piercing those transient forms. 
This vibration awakens.

2007 - now

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