Towards a Quiet Centre

Listening in Holy Trinity Church
Prince Consort Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2BA

Doors open for public at 19.00
Start 19.30 (doors are closed promptly at this time and no one is let in due to the nature of the work)

Tickets: £7.00, concessions £5.00

Eugenia Emets in collaboration with Diana Pommills
In Association with Soundfjord Gallery

This event is part of a series of experimental events with audience and performer participation – each event is unique in its arrangement, each created with consideration of space, the role of the performers and audience and the effect that we aim to achieve. The unique acoustic space of the Holy Trinity Church, with its subtle reverb offers deep immersion to the listener.

Our intention is to bring you to a mirror where every detail becomes amplified through experiencing sound and silence. We invite you to participate actively in the listening process: listening to your body, mind, emotions, flow of energy. The setup of the event is informed by the idea of becoming an observer, whose attention is directed inwards.

With understanding that all in the known universe is vibration, we discover the phenomenon of sympathetic resonance through use of certain instruments and playing techniques. There is a lot of scientific evidence of how that works, but we create space where one can become conscious of these processes simply through presence and observation.

As we go on a sonic journey the sounds enable us to fully embody the silence and reflection within. A deeply peaceful place that we have access to at all times.

Sound artists:

Eugenia Emets

Eugenia is visual and sound artist, Artistic Director and founder of the Analema Group. In her work she focuses on exploring the unifying nature of light, sound and matter. She experiments with immersive spatial installations, questioning and pushing the boundaries of human perception. Through photography, video, laser, holographic and sound projection, she creates multisensory environments in which participating audience may have a direct experience of intricate layers of reality, observing one’s own physical, psychic and emotional responses.

With a particular interest in the interactivity of space and artwork, Eugenia has recently worked on several projects, which incorporate various technologies to help create immersive experiences. Her recent projects include: ‘Okean X Forms’ (2007), a laser projection with live ambient music, ‘Elements of Light’ (2008), a video, sound and photography installation, ‘Manta Ray’ a holographic video projection with multichannel sound (2009), and recent “A-Field” (2010) by Analema Group.

Eugenia Emets was born in Poltava (Ukraine), in 1979, works and lives in London and Moscow.

Diana Pommills

“I am a student of life. Sound has always been a part of me. Using vocal expression as my main instrument in various collaborations and solo events. Seems I was always destined to cultivate my passion and love of sound, as from an early age my mother said, I would not go to sleep unless I had the radio on (strange but true!) taking an inter-stellar sound journey even then with an ever evolving path through sound my deepest joy to share with others.”

Diana is a London-based artist. Her solo events and collaborations have taken place at various venues, such as The Hackney Empire Solo performance Vocal Expression and self penned pieces. The Sanctuary Cafe Brighton,The Embassy in London, Oxford University, Madam Jojo's SEB Collective and WAC Hampstead London to name but a few.

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