Elements of Light

Elements of Light. Installation. Photography, looped video, sound, structure. Dimensions variable. 2008.

Two weeks in 2006 in art residency in Greece, Cypriot-Greek Oros Kharasson Contemporary Art Centre situated on the Syros Island in Greece, the capital of the Cycladic Archipelago. The striking natural beauty of this area and the unique buildings of the Oros Kharasson created by two artists, Niki Liodaki and Giorgos Sfikas, in accordance with long observations of natural phenomena in this area and solar cycles - all this has given the first impulse for the project 'The Elements of Light'. 

This project was exhibited in May 2008 at the Hellenic American Union in Athens. This work marks my further experimentation with the ideas of space perception and light phenomena. As a result, an unusual project was created under the direction of an outstanding curator, Boris Manner, professor at the Vienna University of Applied Art. The project consists of two vivid artistic statements (Markus Proschek and Eugenia Emets) brought together to form a complex and unified whole.

Collaborative project of the Stella Art Foundation, Moscow; Vienna University of Applied Art; the Hellenic American Union, Athens; and the Marina Noel Foundation, Kerkyra, Greece

In Between Photons: In between the death and the birth of the image

Creation starts long before one finds out any motivation inside oneself to do something.
It is the state of freeing.
The universe is constantly created and destroyed and that process has neither beginning nor end.
The beginning as well as the end of time is fixed for human mind only, determined by the nature of division.
From the state of in between of these imaginary points mind can travel beyond its self.
It goes beyond self-identification with any conception.
It can be offered to the universe for the benefits of any being ever living.
Through the dissolution of its self the mind penetrates everywhere.
And from there it perceives that there is no distinction between inner and outer space.
There is no conflict between logic and intuition or spontaneous and deliberate actions - they are aspects of one wave form.

The project in many different ways goes to Oros Harasson, the place for art and life.
It is the source of radiance that spreads in waves of energy beyond the island of Syros to the farthest lands connecting people in space and time.
Because the centre was created in accordance with the knowledge of the alchemy of natural elements and the character of landscape, it is the right place for the inner sources to be explored.

Which are the aspects that I have touched in my Oros Harasson experience?
It is revealing inner eye and inner ear.
To be born you have to make a movement inside out and to wake up vice versa.
In a life charged with communication one is the response and reaction to innumerable external impulses.
The state of retreat which is achievable here implies the dilution of outer irritants and makes it possible to observe every thing.
This is when inner vision and hearing get manifestation.
And in between the multitude of sounds and images which are still strong inside there are rays of clearness. The mind becomes a transparent prism refracting light, sound, energy.
Immaculate mind always at the edge of the abyss of the unknown produces an impulse for the purpose of self investigation.
The mind has to overcome the state of primordial inertia otherwise it would wander endless dream.
The image in its potential is invisible.
It gets manifestation when there is a call for awakening in search for impossible.
It gives a chance of birth of an image preceding the fight between light and dark.
This image draws the axis between disclosed and latent.
It can be born through acting crystallization.
There is an inner vibration at the heart of every motivation and motion.
In between the coils of light spiral gyrating simultaneously in all directions there is no nostalgia for the past and no affection for the future.
The motionless now is the embodiment of the image.
It does not necessarily need realization, but can be visualized in a form of an artwork.
At this point it relatively acquires the attributes of time, space and evolution vector.

This project is the synthesis of acting through photography, video, and installation work.
Acting through photography and video adds another dimension to the principles of acting.
Photographic light process (be it digital or analogue) offers a spectrum of methods of capturing and transferring the movement of light.
It offers opportunities to investigate the border between static and moving state and all the transitional phases in between.
The image is hidden in absolute black or white but only due to relativity of time during which we observe the actual alteration of the image we are able to perceive it with our senses.
The camera itself is the continuation of deliberate fixating.
In this sense the photographic work is not documentation but an integral experience of the project.

The method of self-portrait allows encircle the three points: photographer, camera and model, making the process hermetic, providing deep insight, experiment and non-attachment to the result.
Looking inside one comes to observe the space of mind projection, like fantastic images appearing and vanishing in smoke.
In the project identifying with different phenomenon through acting in a projection of mind is not a performance or ritual. It is an act of discovering the origins of creation.

The installation exists in the dimension of electronic vibrations, which form abstract soundscapes.
Free musical noise in between tones unites inhale and exhale into the extended rhythm of breath.
Experimenting with perceiving music with inner ear offers a fantastic experience of falling awake.
Impersonal music outlines another system of orientation, disconnecting from analytical and associative thinking.
Hearing is the process of dilution and becoming an immense ocean of waves and energy.

Evgenia Emets, 2008

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