Eternal Forest

Eternal Forest to take place in 2018 at Raizvanguarda, Gois, Portugal

Forest fires in Portiugal, 2017

The idea of the project is to reconnect with forests and transform community through active participatory co-creation and ceremony. The project will take place in Gois, Portugal in May-June 2018. In October 2017 Gois suffered unprecedented fires due to decades of unsustainable forestry practices and widespread eucalyptus monoculture in Portugal.

The project involves working closely with the local community, creating ceremony and an art installation inside one of the local natural forests. I will create community gatherings in the forest, with invitation to listen and hear the voice of the forest and tell their own stories of the forest. A site-specific art installation, ‘time capsule’ will represent a snapshot of the voice of the local community, and a message to the future, which will be reopened and resealed every 9 years.

In the natural forest near Alegrete, Portugal

Motivation behind the project:

Since ancient times forests have provided us with incessant riches, inspired reverence and even belief in supernatural powers. We were reliant in our survival on the forest sustaining and supporting us. Trees have been here long before us. However we have been continuously taking and rarely giving back to the Earth’s Forest. Forests, a place with seemingly endless source of life’s abundance have been turned into deserts and monoculture tree plantations. We no longer see forests as a nurturing home, we abandoned them long time ago. The few remaining native forests on Earth are in great danger of human encroachment.  

Exploration of Time element:

Forests exist on a different timescale than humans. They grow slowly, their lifetime that of hundreds of human lives. Scientists have discovered a highly complex organisation behind the forest ecosystem, a deep communication network between the trees and their environment. Trees live and die slowly and are able to support their relatives if humans do not interfere with the ecosystem.

It is the time for us to consider our relationship with the forest. Do we find a way to extend our monologue to a two-way communication? Is there a way to break away from our illusion of separateness and feel appreciation towards these life forms which are so different from us but with which we are so intricately connected?

Natural forest near Alegrete, Portugal

I would like to explore the deeper notion of time within which forests exists, and reflect my findings through a series of drawings, visual and sound poetry works. I plan to organise contemplative gatherings in the local forest aimed at listening, re-connecting and perceiving a time scale different from our own.

In the past two years I have been exploring Time, its perception in cultures, through history, philosophy and science. ‘Time Wave’ project is an ongoing exploration of the nature of Time and our understanding of it. ‘Time Wave’ is a series of interventions and investigations through poetry, artist’s books, participatory performance and installations works spanning different cultures, locations and spheres of human and non-human activity which relate to the subject of Time. Time Wave, will result in an exhibition and a publication of a book in 2020 and I would like this art residency work to become part of this long-term project.

Cork, Portugal


I will create a site-specific installation inside a local forest. The installation will be created out of recycled local cork and eucalyptus materials. The dream is that the generations of people who will open the capsule will be standing among grand, lush green trees experiencing the moment which connects them to the present and past.

Alongside the site-specific installation and performance in the forest sketches and materials related to the production of the project will be exhibited in one of the spaces in Gois.

The project is intended as a long-term durational piece, tapping into the idea of longevity of the forest, sustainable foresting and guardianship from the local community. I propose that in the future after the time-capsule is opened first time it will be re-done, sealed and kept in the forest with periods of opening it every 9 years and sealing new messages again within newly rebuild (in case of necessity) time-capsule. This ensures continuity of the art project and hope of local communities reconnecting to the forest on a deeper level, returning to the forest to listen and conceive of new message.

A single tree with plantation behind it, near Alegrete, Portugal


The objectives of the project is to attract attention of the local and wider community to the issue of deforestation and tree-factory monoculture and to open a conversation among people. My hope is that through raising awareness and re-thinking our relationship with the forests we can begin to find solutions to the challenges facing forests in Portugal.

Plan of realisation:

At the start of the residency I plan to connect with the local forestry to engage in the conversation and get necessary support. I will organise during the time of the residency two or more gatherings in the forest with the local community. I will gather through sound recording and writing down their forest stories. I will create a series of visual and sonic poems based on the stories. Furthermore this material will serve basis for creating a time capsule for the site-specific installation in the forest. During the residency I would like to research materials which will be used for the creation of the time capsule and its means of production. The 9 year cycle is connected to the cycle of regeneration of the cork bark, which I am hoping to use as the primary material for the time capsule itself. The time capsule itself will be created in the last 3 weeks of the 6-week residency.

The project will take place May-June at Raizvanguarda

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